Turia Pitt

You probably already know a bit about Turia Pitt. You may know that while competing in a 100km ultra-marathon a decade ago she was caught in a grassfire and choppered out of the desert barely alive with full thickness burns to 65% of her body. She lost seven fingers, had more than 200 medical procedures and spent two gruelling years in recovery.

Turia says that her experience shows that with the right mindset you can achieve anything. But there’s more to it than that.

Long before she was caught in that grassfire Turia was defying expectations, living life as a mining engineer in the Australian outback. Since her accident she’s written three best-selling books, coached more than 40,000 people in her digital courses, competed in Ironman World Championships, sailed a boat around French Polynesia, walked the Kokoda Track and grown a successful business. She’s helped to raise more than $1 million for Interplast, doing fundraising adventure treks all over the world.

And she once paid for an entire week of private dancing lessons in New York with the aim of being called into Beyonce’s dance troupe. (She’s still waiting for that invitation.)

What drives her? And what can you learn from her experience that will drive you?

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