Dr Fiona Kerr

Dr Fiona Kerr’s consuming interest in the science and power of human connectivity continues to develop after more than 35 years working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and abroad.

Fiona’s doctoral research combined neuroscience and complex systems engineering to examine how good leaders think, how they change others, and how they build adaptive, responsive and successful organisations and systems.

In late 2018, she founded The NeuroTech Institute to investigate the neurophysiology of interaction – between humans, with and through technology and how it is impacted by the dynamics of the system within which we live.

Fiona is an advisor to the robotics industry, the health sector, the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Finland’s national artificial intelligence program, and Defence organisations in both Australia and the United States, and holds a number of international honorary academic positions.

Dr Kerr will appear at the 2020 Communities in Control conference.

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