Celeste Liddle

Celeste is an Arrernte Australian woman living in Melbourne. She is the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Indigenous Organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union as well as a freelance opinion writer, social commentator and public speaker. Her writings regularly appear in numerous publications including The Guardian and Daily Life as well as her prominent blog Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist.

Celeste speaks with the voice of an Aboriginal woman, a voice that is continually obscured by politicians, policymakers, news media and, of course, a society which continually privileges the views of white men. The experiences of Aboriginal women often get talked about, are often used as a justification for the removal of rights but rarely are Aboriginal women given the space to articulate the issues or seen as experts on their situation. Understanding how Australia can move forward and be a better place from the perspectives of Aboriginal women is therefore integral to a more positive future.

By her own admission, Celeste is an atheist and a vegetarian. She likes food, music and living a life that is not determined by the stupid rules and regulations that society tries to pin on us.

Celeste holds an honours degree in arts (theatre and drama) from La Trobe University and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (political science) from the University of Melbourne.

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